Pennine Lubricants are Proud to have been appointed the Official UK & Ireland Master Distributor for Mixtron

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We are pleased to announce that have been appointed as Master Distributor for UK & Ireland for Mixtron MXO Soluble Oil Doser range.  Mixtron, based in Italy, has invested some €2 million in the research and development of a new range of water powered dosers to serve industries including; metalworking, water treatment, fertigation, car washing and livestock.

John Grierson, Sales Director,Pennine Lubricants said: “We are delighted to have formed this partnership with Mixtron, the outstanding levels of customer service, quality products and attention to detail mirrors our own company values perfectly and we are delighted to represent them in the UK and Ireland. We look forward to bringing the products to market via our own service packages and through strategic distribution partners in the metalworking industry.”

The MX0 range has been specifically developed for metalworking applications and ensures consistently accurate mixing of metalworking fluids providing benefits including; improved component quality, maximised tool life, increased sump life and reduced product consumption whilst maintaining the highest standards of health & safety by eliminating handling of chemical concentrates.

Features & benefits of the Mixtron MXO range include:
  • Consistent flow (not pulsed) of prepared emulsion / solution for accurate testing
  • Tighter mixing tolerance of +/- 0.003% compared to industry standard +/- 0.5%
  • Double mixing chamber produces fully mixed emulsions / solutions offering improved product performance
  • Stainless steel fixings in pump body for a tighter vacuum & more consistent mixing results
  • Minimum / maximum working temperature indicators
  • MXO range specifically designed for metalworking applications
  • Adjusting collar locks in place to avoid concentration/dose being altered accidentally
  • Coolant/Oil pipe is screwed in to the main body so it can be easily removed/replaced when changing over drums and IBC’s

For further information or technical advice on the Mixtron MX0 Doser click here. Or contact our sales team on 0114 285 2987 or by email to [email protected]

Please ensure you check with your local water authority for correct installation guidelines, our Technical Department are happy to provide advice and assistance relating to this.

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